Monday, August 6, 2012

Is that Android on the new Galaxy Note 10.1?

Today, we are seeing much attention to the newly announced, long-time rumored, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet. The video above displays many ways to use the Tablet with its Stylus. While watching the video, I found myself forgetting this was an Android tablet. Lot of the things that Samsung is doing with this tablet make it seem like a Windows machine. For that, I salute them since now stakes have been set high for any Tablet.

I have never been a fan of what Samsung does to Android's interface but I am wow'ed buy all they have put into this machine. Hopefully, we will start seeing these Samsung apps ported (officially, or unofficially) to non-TouchWiz phones. TouchWiz is the interface that Samsung overlays above Android on many of its devices.

Bravo Samsung!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Android Chat Robots

I love to hear, or read about, when a friend of mine has purchased an Android device to use. Naturally, if I am asked for my recommendation for a new phone or a tablet an Android device is going to be suggested. One way that I have found out of new Android users is through Gmail.

In Gmail you ask? Google is always releasing features to its wildly popular email service, Gmail, but Google allows people to early preview features with a Gmail Setting called Labs. You can find Labs by clicking on the gear icon at top right, click Settings, and find the tab labeled Labs.

In Labs you can enable beta features to play with. One of these features is called Green Robot. See below

When enabled you will see a little Android next to the name of someone that is online with an Android device. Here is my list tonight.

The fun part is when you notice the Robot before you are told they have an Android device. I usually question them right of way when I see it.

How many Robots are in your contact list??

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Welcome to Pure Android.

What is Pure Android? It is when a device, whether it be a tablet, phone, or any other gadget is running a version of Android that has not been heavily modified by the manufacturer. In essence, it is running Android the way Google intended Android to be.

Here at Pure Android we love Pure Android devices and we will strive to feature devices that are pure but this won't always be so. We will be writing about Android apps, Android Phones, Android Tablets, etc, etc. So it will be a Pure Android blog because we will be focusing on Android products.

Stay Tuned.