Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Installing CyanogenMod 10.2 (Andoird 4.3 Jelly Bean) on a Nook Color

Previously we had posted a step by step guide to install CyanogenMod on the Nook Tablet. This time we will be going through the very simple task of installing CM10.2, which is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. You will need 4 files, an SD card, and a Nook Color. In these steps, you will be flashing a recovery image to an SD card, flashing CM10.2, Flashing Google Apps, and a permanent Recovery image to the Nook. Let us begin.

The 4 files you need to download:

  1. Clockworkmod Recovery for SD
  2. Latest CyangenMod
  3. Latest Google Apps for Jelly Bean (jb)
  4. ClockworkMod permanent Recovery for Nook Color
The only Zip file you download from above that needs to be extracted is the first one.

First, extract the content from file #1. You will now have a file named sdimage.img. This is needs to be flashed to your SD card. In Windows you can use Win32DiskImager (or your favorite app) and in Linux you can do this command:

sudo dd if=sdimage.img of=/dev/sdX

You must replace the X in sdX with the appropriate letter for your SD slot.  There are many ways to get the correct letter but we use the program Gparted.

Once you have flashed your SD card, copy the remaining three files onto the SD card. You will see several other files on the SD, and it might be labeled as BOOT. Don't touch any of those files, simply copy the remaining three files on the SD card.

With your Nook Color powered off, insert the SD card into the Nook. Once inserted, power on the Nook. It will now boot into ClockwordMod Recovery. Use the Volume keys to move to Install Zip From sdcard. Press the N key. You will now see the three files from above. Flash CM10.2, then, Google Apps, and lastly, the permanent recovery. In that order. 

Once you have done all three go back to the main menu in recovery and do wipe data / factory reset.

That's it!

Reboot, remove SD card and you are good to go!

NOTES and Credits:
Enabling the back menu in recovery can be tricky. Pressing the Volume keys at the same time, or repeatedly will enable the back option. You'll see a message that says it has been enabled but you might not see it. Simply, enter into an option and you will then see the back menu to get out of it. Keep going back to main menu.

Try another SD card if you experience failures of any kind during the flashing process. I had to get a different card reader for some reason to be able to flash #1.

Once done, you can format the SD card on your computer and use for something else.

CM10.2 doesn't require the SD for every day use in my experience.

Credit to CyanogenMod!

Credit to ClockworkMod!

Credit to eyeballer for Original Guide this is based on!

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