Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Swiftkey Beta for Android

Our favorite third party keyboard, Swiftkey, announced a new beta today called Swiftkey Cloud. Why the Web 3.0 name? Like many things Android, Swiftkey is now synchronizing your personal predictions to the cloud. This should be a very well received feature to everyone who owns more than one Pure Android device since your predictions will be on all your devices now.

Another new feature is "Trending Topics" predictions. Swiftkey will now know who and what the internet is talking about and offer up predictions to you. So, your phone will now know to insert "Baby" after the word "Royal". "Zimmerman" after "George". So on and so forth.

Get it at beta.swiftkey.net.

The New Droids Are Almost Pure Android

Off-white Pure we would say. The New Droids come in two different sizes (5" and 4.3") and three different colors (Black, Black, or Red). They are very slick Android Devices. We approve.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Amazon expands GameCircle sync service to all Android devices

Amazon expands GameCircle sync service to all Android devices (via Pando Daily)

On July 1, 2013Amazon has expanded its GameCircle sync service to all Android devices, the company has announced. GameCircle allows gamers to keep their data in sync across devices for when they want to jump between, say, a smartphone and a tablet. […