Tuesday, July 31, 2018

No Notches For You says Google to phone manufacturers

As the battle of more screen rages on, more and more phone manufacturers are trying to use all the screen real estate that they can get from a phone. We all know any phone worth its merit will have a camera, speakers, and mics on the front. That's all great unless you want an all screen front phone! So manufacturers have decided to notch around these things that are in the way.

Google is mandating a few requirements which include:
First, devices must ensure that their cutouts do not negatively affect apps.
Second, devices may only have up to one cutout on each short edge of the device. 
I for one am in favor of such mandates. I would rather not see a notch on my phone's screen. We wouldn't stand for that on a Television, why should we have it on device we look at more and even more closely then a Television.

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