Saturday, March 5, 2022

Pixel 6 Battery Draining Fast

 Here is a quick way to make your Google Pixel 6 battery last longer. By default, the phone is going to look for a 5G or UC Network. If you go into your phone's network settings and change your preferred network to LTE the battery will last longer. 

Here is one way to do it

Go to your Phone Settings

Tap on Network & Internet

Tap Internet

Tap The Settings Icon Next To T-Mobile (or your phone carriers name)

Tap Preferred network type

On the pop up Select LTE 

It will close and now you can close the screen. Your Pixel 6 will now last longer because it won't be looking for a 5G Network all day. LTE is fast enough for an average user. 

If you think you need faster speed for a few moments, follow the same steps to enable 5G but your battery will die sooner.